davide falessi

Welcome to my Website!

I'm Davide Falessi and my main research interest is in devising and empirically assessing solutions to concrete software engineering problems.

I currently play the following roles:
- Associate Professor at the California Polytechnic State University . This is where I enjoy teaching and supporting the growing of young talents. Moreover, this role allows me to perform the research I want, on the topic I want, with the timeline I want.
- Associate Editor of Software Engineering Economics at, and the Multimedia Editor of, IEEE Software . This is where I enjoy managing the review process of research paper that aim at improving the state of the practice by reporting the latest trends and novelties in software engineering.
- Member at large of the 2016 IEEE Computer Society Publications Board. This is where I enjoy understanding and changing the way publications support students, researchers, academics, and practitioners.
- I usually co-chair about 2 international events per year and I'm the program committee member of about 7 international events per year (see Activities for additional details).
- I try to have a healthy lifestyle by training at least three times a week in the gym. This is where I enjoy playing basketball against my students.

If you want to contact me, please drop my a line to me at dfalessi AT calpoly.edu Do NOT use "d.falessi@ieee.org"